Gain Share Guidelines 2010

The Gain Share Idea program is being introduced to Jefferson Regional Medical Center Colleagues May 2010 to save dollars thanks to Colleague ideas for cost savings and revenue enhancements. The following guidelines are for your information.

1. Ideas that are submitted as GSI's are reviewed for cost savings. The ideas that have cost savings are then sent on to the Gain Share Committee. The Gain Share committee will review these and determine if a Gain Share Award will be issued.

2. A Gain Share Cost Benefit Sheet needs to be fully filled out and be attached to the GSI form to be considered for Gain Share. Please read the Cost Benefit Sheet carefully. Improperly filled out or insufficient data may result in a delay of an award.

3. Some Gain Share Awards may be held until history proves an actual savings.

4. Processing time for Gain Share Rewards may be from 45-60 days depending on the complexity of the idea or verification needed.

5. The Gain Share Reward pay out is as follows: 10% of savings up to $5,000 maximum (one time payout per GSI).

6. Directors, managers and supervisors that submit eligible Gain Shares will receive their rewards in the form of a credit to their expense budget that can be used in their department for fun, food or equipment.

How do I submit an idea?
Fill out a GSI form, attach a cost-benefit worksheet and submit to your supervisor for processing.

Special Note: Communicate communicate, communicate!
Do you want to know the status of your gain share submission? Call the GSI Hotline and leave a message. The GSI hotline number is 636-933-8100. Leave a message and your call will be responded to within 48 hours.